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ArenaGrip RACING MIX as training footing in Australia

Construction of the dirt training track of the Waratah Thoroughbreds Farm in Moss Vale, NSW, Australia was finished in December 2015 by mixing ArenaGrip RACING MIX into the footing. We were on-site to ensure the perfect integration of ArenaGrip RACING MIX into the surface and to realize the final race course. The training track is 1.6 km long and 7.5 m wide. After one year of testing the footing trainer Luke Geddes confirmes that the horses perform very well and readily on this track. Also the jockeys are happy with the new ArenaGrip RACING MIX training track.

Trade fair Dubai 2016

Successful fair team in Dubai 2016 to support Youssef Badawi, Arabian Horses, from Abu Dhabi. Youssef has represented Kraft company for years within the UAE and will also represent the other three companies in the future: R & S, Equus Design and Bacher Products.

Equine surface experts from three continents at the FEI headquarter in Lausanne.

Bacher Products was invited to the FEI Equine Surface Forum in Lausanne

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26 August 2015

Experts from three continents gathered at a special two-day equine surfaces forum held at the FEI headquarters in Lausanne (SUI) last month…

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Left to right: Jeff Lundal (Rampelmann & Spliethoff), Uwe Kraft (Kraft Brothers Horse Walker), Wolfgang Bacher (Bacher Products), Ryzard Lehmann (Equi Projekt), Michael Vogel (Equus Design)

SME quadriga looking for clients in eastern Europe

A successful quadriga in search of new clients in eastern Europe on the occasion of CSIO in Poland 2015: Equitation company Rampelmann & Spliethoff, Kraft Brothers Horse Walker, Bacher Products, Equi Projekt, Equus Design.